About us

A young company since 1920

VIO & C. was founded in 1920, upon the initiative of Paolo Bonati and the help and support of his father Francesco. Right from the start, the young entrepreneur built his company upon principles of tireless devotion, creative technical support, absolute reliability and a keen sense for international business, which still today make VIO & C. an active and dynamic leader in the field. At the time when regional transport was still being carried out by enormous horsedrawn wagons, VIO & C. initiated a busy and profitable traffic with the Americas.

The concept of international transport as a constantly evolving process, governed however by solid ethical principles, soon won well deserved acclaim and success for Paolo Bonati’s VIO & C.

A tradition of innovation

The same zeal, passion and dedication to this entrepreneurial model have inspired the third and fourth generations of the Bonati family, which now works with a staff of highly qualified professionals and experts, many of whom have been with the company for more than twenty years.

The VIO & C. formula, synthesis of innovation and tradition nowadays signifies excellent quality internationally guaranteed for Monza headquarters by the UNI EN ISO 9001 certificate.

VIO & C. head office is located in Monza, just on the outskirts of Milan.

Moreover, there is a developed, flexible and modern structure with a branch office in New York, completed by a network of exclusive agents, associates and correspondents, enabling VIO & C. to provide door to door service worldwide.

The globalisation of markets presents us with increasingly complex situations in the freight transport sector. VIO & C. faces the challenge of the future with the youthful enthusiasm of its experience of more than  one-century  of changing with the times.